Prada L’Homme

Prada L'Homme
Main notes
Fragrance concentration
Eau de Toilette

It's a very classy fragrance and it gives the impression of luxury and a mature man.

The fragrance smells fresh, soapy like and clean. It's a pleasing smell to come across, people can't really dislike it. The nature of this fragrance makes it feel pure and you could imagine a confident man wearing this.

Personally I would say that this could be worn by any type of man, this could even work for a more feminine guy due to the floral ingredients that are in the main notes. With there being the main note as iris which is a floral floral ingredients I would say that this is unique as you don't come across something like this very often.

The first time I wore this fragrance my mum said she likes it, is there any more approval you really need now?

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