Here are a few of my favourite projects that I have collated over the years in my personal time and academic time. Just to state the obvious, I did make this website...


My final year project in university that I worked with a primary school to design. To create this game I used Unity. I wanted to try something on a larger level which is why I initially proposed the idea after I asked the school what type of game they would like. The main brief I was provided was a maths game that would engage pupils.

C#  |  UNITY


An app which was made for my own personal use to see how I manage my time. Initially I was intrigued by a framework called Xamarin which allows cross platform development for mobile in C#.

Can be downloaded here

C#  |  SQL  |  XAMARIN

Number Chase

IOS learning math game, the person that gets the largest score keeps the high score on the local device. Tilt the device left and right to move your car to collect the numbers and avoid the traffic.


Console Shooter

A shooting game which was initially created to be campaign for consoles (Playstation 4 & XBOX One) and computer but we managed to also create a split-screen game mode where up to 4 players can join.



The Range

A time trial shooting game which took inspiration from the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The objective is to shoot all the enemies and avoid shooting civilians in the fastest time possible on each map that was created.


Chronicles of Payson

A platform game that could be played on multiple different devices. In order to beat the level you have to collect all the keys without losing all of your health and avoid falling. This was created as a group project with a total of 4 team members where we all made at least 1 level each.

Try game here (I made the sand and pyramid levels)


Voyage Ball

I decided to create this as my first game for mobile devices in-between my first and second year of university after my tutor recommended to look into using Unity as I had such a large interest with developing.


Management System

I was asked to create an application for the staff and visitors to sign in and out so their working hours can be tracked.


My Little Creatures

This was the first project after learning object oriented programming. The objective for this game was to create a virtual pet which the player will have to take care of. I remember my running mini game bringing a lot of competition from classmates. Each different activity would affect the pet for example the running game would increase the mood but decrease the hunger attribute.


aMaze Collection

An assignment that was for college where the objective was to create a maze game where the player has to collect all the coins. I got so indulged into this project that I created a multiplayer version with mischief to create rivalry and of course a little mini game at the end of the map where you have to run away from the mother hamster with a rolling pin for taking the coins in the back garden.


Food Bank Management

During my time at the food bank I was asked if I could create something that could help the process of when a food bank user comes to collect food. Every time a food supply was provided the user had to fill out a form with the same details; this application saves time by storing previous data and flags up unexpected actions for a faster process.


Kiosk Program

The first project I created after learning the basics of programming which was to create a media store application for customers to buy the items from the application. I spent a lot of time experimenting and working on the project in my own time.