Jimmy Choo Man Intense

Jimmy Choo Man Intense Bottle
Main notes
Fragrance concentration
Eau de Toilette

Jimmy Choo Man Intense is a sweet but fresh scent. Both of these qualities fused together make it a more versatile scent that can be worn in all types of weather.

The scent is very pleasant, masculine and it is up there as one of my favourites. It's got melon as a note which not many mens fragrances use, I mean who doesn't love melon. This gets compared to a few other fragrances in the "blue" category which generally everyone likes and are attention grabbing just like this fragrance. Jimmy Choo aren't really known for men's fragrances so I would definitely say that this is a hidden gem and it will leave you smelling different from what every other guy is wearing.

A lot of people have mixed opinions when it comes to the performance of this fragrance, for the bottle that I have and on my skin it lasts quite a while; I was actually still getting wafts of the scent 8 hours after a single spray on each arm.

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