Contagious: Why Things Catch On – Jonah Berger

Social currency - does it make you look good?

- People share things that make them look good/cool
- An example of this would be a person carrying a poundland bag, it would be different from someone carries a selfridges bag; some may even post it on social media
- Bringing that high status to the product will make people want to share on social media

Triggers - how are you reminded of the product?

- For example the song Friday by Rebecca Black, stats show that the viewers increased more on a Friday
- KitKat did this when sales were low by showing coffee in their adverts next to the KitKat as having coffee would remind them of KitKat

Emotions - do they feel strong emotions?

- Don't portray the product with sadness
- For example britains got talent, when contestants are overwhelmed with joy from winning the video of that is likely to get shared
- Emotions spread, just like a smile can make another person smile

Public - what is everyone else doing?

- If other people have something you would also want it too
- Can others see when people are using our products?
- An example of this would be the macbook originally the logo was upside down on the top so that the user can see the logo, but to other people looking at it when open would show the logo upside down. The visibility to the public is more important.

Stories - can it have a cool or relatable story?

- An example would be a blender company used to upload videos of things such as iphones being blended
- Another example is from Huda Beauty, she portrays her product for improving confidence after discussing not being so confident in her younger years
- Most people dont share specs and whatnot but they share the stories

Practical value - is it actually helpful?

- People would want to share it to others that they are close with if they find it helpful


Create a product that can meet most elements in STEPPS such as how it would look in the public eye, the status it provides or linking the product with a well known everyday item as a reminder in order to bring human instinct into buying the product.

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