Ariana Grande Cloud

Ariana Grande Cloud
Main notes
Whipped cream
Fragrance concentration
Eau de Parfum

I know this is a celebrity fragrance but don't have your expectations set low due to this. This is surprisingly really nice and it is compared to MFK Bacarrat Rouge 540 which is an expensive unisex fragrance. The type of sweetness that lingers from this scent gives off an image of a younger woman.

The mix of notes in this perfume stands out with the gourmand with the likes of whipped cream, praline and vanilla making an addictive and comforting scent. When I'm decanting or testing this perfume I just can't stop smelling it. To me the smell reminds me a bit of the juicy fruit chewing gum but in a girly way, I don't know how that makes sense but it somehow does in my mind.

The scent comes off soft and keeps close, creating a cloud bubble around the person.

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