5 Prophetic Steps to Any Plan/Project

Project Steps

As Muslims we are taught that we should follow the ways of the Prophet PBUH, a lot of us think for religious obligations but there is much more. The Prophet PBUH explained to us how we should go about for planning in Sahih Muslim.

1. Gain strength

In this terminology strength could be under physical, knowledge or emotion for example. It is mentioned that the skilled believer is better than the believer that does not have that skill in that field. The more knowledge we know about things the better and as Muslims we should aim to be the best in what we do whether that is in our field of employment or even a sport.

2. Set your vision

Once we have attained the skills we should aim to do something that will better you with the use of the skills or strength. We should have a goal and vision on how you would like things to be, not only for one thing but for many different things. We should always have goals and we should not be lazy as we only have this one chance in this life.

3. Supplication

When that vision has been set we should seek the help of Allah by making Dua (supplication), the specific type of dua we should make is istikhara for the goal which is saying that if the vision is good for you then we should have hope that it would happen and if it is bad for you then it will stay away from you. Bare in mind that the good and bad that we perceive may be different e.g. making a lot of money could be a good or bad thing as it could change us as people.

4. Work

We can't expect things to happen without action, we should put a lot of effort into the work and we should try every option without the will to give up.

5. Complications

Things may not end up working our way without our control, this should not discourage us from future projects. We are taught not to look back and think that maybe if I did this or that then things may have been different. Using the word if is dangerous as that will bring in regret and make us think of the different paths that we could have took; the important thing for us is that we have learnt something from the experience. Even if we do not see this experience as successful in terms of money or whatnot it may be seemed as successful in other ways e.g. gaining more knowledge or bettering the relationship with Allah which can bring blessing in many ways.

As muslims our relief for situations like this is Qadr which is a belief that whatever Allah decrees is what happens. In a sense this would be classed as pre destination but this should never be used to justify future actions but it should be used to console past tragedies.

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